DT DAZE 4 :)


It is going to be a great day today. It is nice and chilly, everyone has gone out so I can enjoy my coffee in peace. It is cold enough the pups ( now 3 years old lol ) are cuddled up next to me under the blanket.

Today’s project theme is Christmas. First up is a card that my kids said looks like a cross. I used some of Gone Artsy’s new ribbon and some bling for this. Cut two pieces just larger than card base and tape to backside, then I used string to gather them up and added bling. SUPER fast and easy. You could use these for any occasion. Move the across one down a bit and it would look like a present not a cross.10517686_10200653152606854_6778233319311813657_n
Next one is probably one of my favorites and the one I will be sending out this year. I made it for the #Cards4Love event. It uses Victorian Fan Lace from Gone Artsy that I cut and glued into a tree form ( similar to the dress ). Embossed back ground and Voila perfect card.


I saved the best for last. This is a fire starter basket. I used 3 colors of seam binding, Long Dangle lace, Ribbon Lace (a favorite of mine ) a doily and some odds and ends. This is filled with pinecones that will be dipped in wax and sprinkled with a variety of additives to give off special effects. You can google fire effects and get sites with lists of dozens of things ( most very easy to get like – salt substitute, borax, Epsom salts, coffee creamer etc ). PLEASE  READ THE SITE AND ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Remember if you are giving this as a gift safety is first. I am also using mini cones for the color additives, and making some wax disks with scents and other effects. The basket has a holder for the lighter as well.


I used Gone Artsy’s Small Star’s and cut them out, used my heat gun to melt away the webbing and glued 2 back to back on an acetate disk for the center focal point. Then some beads and seam binding finish off the handle.IMG_20150810_154213

After adding the tube to hold the lighter I added some glittered mini pine cones and a matching bird ( I love this paper so I let it dictate the colors and theme ).

 To finish it off I added a doily w/ a cut out of the bird from the paper and some lace ( the left overs from the Fan lace I used for scarecrows ) to decorate the top of the tube.IMG_20151001_072237 Now I am just waiting to collect some more pine cones ( they just started falling ) and I will dip them and this gift is done.

Well that wraps up my DT DAZE. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Deb. I learned so much and had so much fun with this you will never know. I hope anyone reading these will at least go check out her store. Remember my code is DTMiki and it’s good until January ( unless people start using it 🙂 ).
OK I’m going to snuggle with grandpups for a bit then go head out looking for pine cones and other goodies.
Best Wishes to everyone.


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