Halloween Treats


WOW! I have to say THANK YOU!

I got some of my first comments on the last few posts and it really made my daze 🙂

Today’s post is a share project.
I helped a friend two weekends hold a HUGE garage/moving sale. She had TONS of crafty things ( most of which are now in those same boxes but reside in my place ). Some of what I acquired were white wooden baskets. I took a whole box full ( less than 50 cents each! ). They are about 4 inches deep have a handle and are about 9 inches long 6 inches wide. PERFECT for floral center pieces. I found some shimmer paper I had from last year and used my pazzles to cut some ghosts, tombstones and pumpkins. Putting those on toothpicks and then making some sucker covers was easy. Add some ribbon bows and voila! Candy, ribbons and washi tape came from the dollar store. Total spent on boxes about 30$ ( 7$ on candy for variety, foam to fill baskets was 10$, 6$ for ribbons for variety, 1$ for washi tape, 1$ for black spray paint, 2$ for creepy clothe and .50$ each for 6 basket ) made 6 baskets with candies and tape left over for a few cards to match.

12170321_10200792012318260_789331691_n12166668_10200792011278234_1986793139_n 12167450_10200792011678244_1932847405_n 12167687_10200792010598217_1972331368_n 12170254_10200792011198232_534829865_n 12170254_10200792012598267_24780297_n 12170321_10200792012318260_789331691_n 12170365_10200792009158181_1163755171_n 12170699_10200792011118230_2114882785_n

These took about an afternoon ( I did premake the cuts for the ghosts, etc. the night before while I was cutting some Christmas card ideas ). They made for great Dr. gifts and would work for teachers or anyone really.

I was making some more of Tracey’s Scarecrow from The Stamping Boutique. They are having a Halloween/Fall sale and a challenge here  http://thestampingboutiquechallengeblog.blogspot.com and came up with this fun card. I used some left over Rare Oddities from Tamra at Country Crafts Creations https://www.facebook.com/tammyscountrycraftcreations?fref=ts
and cut him out. I gave him a green face because I think it’s a scarecrow dressed up as Frankenstein. When I showed the card to my son he said Franky is dressed as a scarecrow. I will you decide which way it is 😛


The bat, pumpkins, web and little guy are all cut out with pazzles, BUT you could print the image then cut it apart, trace and cut him out with scissors. One of the things I love most about this image is how easy it is to use, both to color and cut. The paper is recollections Halloween from Michael’s.

No matter what you are making have fun.

Thanks for stopping in and spending some time here.



DT DAZE 4 :)


It is going to be a great day today. It is nice and chilly, everyone has gone out so I can enjoy my coffee in peace. It is cold enough the pups ( now 3 years old lol ) are cuddled up next to me under the blanket.

Today’s project theme is Christmas. First up is a card that my kids said looks like a cross. I used some of Gone Artsy’s new ribbon and some bling for this. Cut two pieces just larger than card base and tape to backside, then I used string to gather them up and added bling. SUPER fast and easy. You could use these for any occasion. Move the across one down a bit and it would look like a present not a cross.10517686_10200653152606854_6778233319311813657_n
Next one is probably one of my favorites and the one I will be sending out this year. I made it for the #Cards4Love event. It uses Victorian Fan Lace from Gone Artsy that I cut and glued into a tree form ( similar to the dress ). Embossed back ground and Voila perfect card.


I saved the best for last. This is a fire starter basket. I used 3 colors of seam binding, Long Dangle lace, Ribbon Lace (a favorite of mine ) a doily and some odds and ends. This is filled with pinecones that will be dipped in wax and sprinkled with a variety of additives to give off special effects. You can google fire effects and get sites with lists of dozens of things ( most very easy to get like – salt substitute, borax, Epsom salts, coffee creamer etc ). PLEASE  READ THE SITE AND ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Remember if you are giving this as a gift safety is first. I am also using mini cones for the color additives, and making some wax disks with scents and other effects. The basket has a holder for the lighter as well.


I used Gone Artsy’s Small Star’s and cut them out, used my heat gun to melt away the webbing and glued 2 back to back on an acetate disk for the center focal point. Then some beads and seam binding finish off the handle.IMG_20150810_154213

After adding the tube to hold the lighter I added some glittered mini pine cones and a matching bird ( I love this paper so I let it dictate the colors and theme ).

 To finish it off I added a doily w/ a cut out of the bird from the paper and some lace ( the left overs from the Fan lace I used for scarecrows ) to decorate the top of the tube.IMG_20151001_072237 Now I am just waiting to collect some more pine cones ( they just started falling ) and I will dip them and this gift is done.

Well that wraps up my DT DAZE. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Deb. I learned so much and had so much fun with this you will never know. I hope anyone reading these will at least go check out her store. Remember my code is DTMiki and it’s good until January ( unless people start using it 🙂 ).
OK I’m going to snuggle with grandpups for a bit then go head out looking for pine cones and other goodies.
Best Wishes to everyone.



PHEW! What a day! Not in a bad way at all, just a long one. I would have done this earlier but Kiddo #2 beat me out of bed and took off before I could nab his phone and take pictures. Then I helped a friend run her garage sale ( 2 whole rooms of crafty goodies – I was in over load ). Got home made tacos and rice for dinner and now I am sitting here talking to you.

Today’s theme is Winter. Right about now I start working out and finalizing my Christmas cards. I make a few and we decide which one I make for us to mail out. My family has quite a few friends who celebrate Christmas and other Holidays, so I generally make some cards non Christmas. This time of the year I feel that no matter who celebrates what we should ALL celebrate each other. SO I have this years batch of Holiday cards for you today. They are fairly simple and feature Snowflake appliques from Gone Artsy. You get 4 in a set and with my 15% for DTMiki code you can’t go wrong. I made some in light shades of blue and inked the embossed snowflakes, added the appliques and some paper snowflakes. There is a shaker card, 2 spinner styles and a few random ones. The last set is in chalkboard colors and I made a card and notepad set. I think those are my favorites of this batch. Let me know what you think.

IMG_20151002_204207 IMG_20151002_204221 IMG_20151002_204235 IMG_20151002_204333 IMG_20151002_204450 IMG_20151002_204501

Well I am worn out tonight so I will see you here again tomorrow for the last day of my DT DAZE.



Wow how time flies! It seems like I was just here yesterday. Oh yeah it was yesterday 😀
So today is day 2 of my 4 days of DT shares. I am hoping that somehow, someone, somewhere is actually reading these besides me. Not because I need followers, but because I truly want to do well for Deb. She has a really nice store and is a great person. Once she is back from her trip you really should take a look at all the things she has for sale. In the meantime you can watch some of the Ustream classes. Today’s share is all FALL. Did you know that in addition to laces, bling and kits Deb carries appliques? She has a bunch of different ones, from crowns, baby carriages, snowflakes, flowers and leaves. When I saw those I decided I wanted to use them to make something. First up is a scarecrow, I used Tracey’s scarecrow from The Stamping Boutique to make a cute file and then I used Fan dangle lace to make the ‘straw’. I think he turned out SUPER CUTE. In fact I made a few of them. Because I used a cut file I was able to make them different sizes. Notice here that they have different hair cuts 😀

I took these and used them for 2 different projects. The first one I used on a card, I also used some of Deb’s leaf appliques on it. The sentiment inside reads “May your Blessings be as many as the falling leaves”. This version of the scarecrow is just over 3 inches so his he fit perfectly on here.
The next version I used more of the leave appliques and one of Deb’s pots, to make the base for this table display.12016477_10200726744606608_72425501_n12048640_10200726745766637_1770240461_n
I used some of the seam binding from Gone Artsy to simulate the leaves swirling around him. A few cut out pumpkins on tooth picks, and the scarecrow himself are poked into a foam base that I covered with 2 different doilies ( also from Gone Artsy ). The pot was painted and crackled, leave appliques were cut apart and colored, then toned down with a weak tea bath. The flower center is from the Victorian Fan lace left overs from cutting out fans for the dress. This project was really fun and easy. I can see adding candy corn to the pot once it gets closer to the end of Oct.
Well that’s it for todays share. If you want info on the cut file or a detailed list of Gone Artsy items used just message me. Please leave comments ( good or bad ), you never know if or when I may hold a random give away for a GC from Gone Artsy.
See you tomorrow.