PHEW! What a day! Not in a bad way at all, just a long one. I would have done this earlier but Kiddo #2 beat me out of bed and took off before I could nab his phone and take pictures. Then I helped a friend run her garage sale ( 2 whole rooms of crafty goodies – I was in over load ). Got home made tacos and rice for dinner and now I am sitting here talking to you.

Today’s theme is Winter. Right about now I start working out and finalizing my Christmas cards. I make a few and we decide which one I make for us to mail out. My family has quite a few friends who celebrate Christmas and other Holidays, so I generally make some cards non Christmas. This time of the year I feel that no matter who celebrates what we should ALL celebrate each other. SO I have this years batch of Holiday cards for you today. They are fairly simple and feature Snowflake appliques from Gone Artsy. You get 4 in a set and with my 15% for DTMiki code you can’t go wrong. I made some in light shades of blue and inked the embossed snowflakes, added the appliques and some paper snowflakes. There is a shaker card, 2 spinner styles and a few random ones. The last set is in chalkboard colors and I made a card and notepad set. I think those are my favorites of this batch. Let me know what you think.

IMG_20151002_204207 IMG_20151002_204221 IMG_20151002_204235 IMG_20151002_204333 IMG_20151002_204450 IMG_20151002_204501

Well I am worn out tonight so I will see you here again tomorrow for the last day of my DT DAZE.


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