Well can you guess what day it is? 🙂

As I write this it is actually Wednesday Sept 30th, just about 7am. The boys have just left to drop off hubby and go to college for the morning. So, the granpups and I are sitting under blankets and sipping coffee. But if you are here it is probably because you are wanting to see the real reason for this post. My 1st ever DT SHARE!! I have probably mucked it up and should have been sharing all along. My second share is only four days from now on October 3rd. So to make up for not sharing properly all along I am going to share something every day from now until the 3rd.

When Deb told me to go ahead and try out I really thought she was merely being kind to a follower. When she said I made it as a guest DT I KNEW she was being overly kind to me. If you have read or seen any of my other posts you would know my style is clean and simple ( Fast and Easy to be exact ). I am not the one to make a lace handbag, do shabby chic or alter something. No matter how hard Itza tried I am just not that type. So why did Deb chose me? That’s a great question. The answer is . . . I do not know. She said she wanted to show different things one can use her supplies on, so I will go with that. I am going to show you projects ( some new and a few older ones ) that show different uses for her goodies than just wedding and altering.
Today I am focusing on Mini albums. My Daddy’s Little Princess album is the first project I made using my DT stash, and I used quite a few different items. So you can get the complete rundown on them either by going to the post about that mini or going to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUB45KnYNXk. OK I know A LOT of people use laces on the cover, but what I wanted to show you today is the use inside the mini. I love Debs dangle laces and I really liked how it shows off the pockets I inserted it into.11222112_10200571418483552_2826421056323735606_n I think the flowers and dangles are so perfect here and for this paper. This is the cover.
DLP cover open These are some of the laces I used in this mini. I also used seam binding and it was a PERFECT match for the G45 papers. If you want to run over to her store it is temporarily closed while she is out of town, but my DT code – DTMIKI – will be good for 15% off until the end of the year ( and if enough of you use it maybe longer 😛 ).DLP laces from Gone Artsy

Now for something you haven’t seen before, the dress I made as a card for her Christening. It uses the Victorian Fan lace that I love, organza roses and pearls, seam binding and some bling. The card was cut using a file from Cards By Bird and can located at this link ( you may have to look for it under princess cards ) http://www.birdscards.com/free-digital-cut-files/shaped-cards/  I think this is one of my favorite cards to have made yet.11798233_1050784871599698_1046954455_n
Some other ways to use Deb’s goodies in minis are lace coverlace 2
or how about  , , IMG_20150529_180350  using a doily to keep the round vintage images going. Or you can of course use another of my favorites, the ribbon lace. Adding some seam binding makes it a perfect match for just about every album I have used it on. IMG_20150802_181924
Don’t forget you can color these laces. It is pretty easy actually, Deb has some classes on it here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gone-artsy-live-classes
She has live classes Tuesdays at 7pm CST. They are a lot of fun to hang out and learn.
I colored some laces and used them for this tag. If I can color laces so can you. So don’t worry about wanting color, these laces are high quality and will color wonderfully using one of Deb’s techniques.
OK I am going to wrap up todays post by saying this. . . If there is one thing I have learned from Deb and her gift of putting me on her DT it is that it’s OK to cut, color and USE the good laces ( and with Deb’s deals and my DT code – DTMiki – you can do that AND hoard some too ).
See you tomorrow,


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