Rare Oddities


Well it sure was a hot one today. I know I have not been super active online lately, I’ve stayed out of swaps and challenges on purpose. I am trying to be more ACTIVE, just not online. More crafting and less watching others craft. It’s also farm, fair and festival time here. All the fresh fruits and veggies and out door activities, things I could not do 2 years ago ( or even a lot last year ). So I am trying to do as much as I can. With that being said, I did get a lot done this week. I finished 2 albums for someone and then took another shot at my G45 Rare Oddities album.  This one has been a long time coming, yet only really took a few days. Truth be told I prepped most of this album before I EVER SAW the Rare Oddities collection. The haunted mini I did months ago was the trial run for it. I had so many ideas I wanted to use, I forgot the basics of album making ( at least for me ) of letting the paper do the work. When Tamra sent me all the G45 goodies I could NOT wait to get started, In my rush I fought with the paper ( not the papers fault mind you it was all in my head ). Nothing I did was turning out how I had seen it. So in frustration I put it on the shelf and did the Daddy’s Little Princess and others, while I let this one stew. My good friend Margaret Sallee sent me some Halloween cut outs to help get me inspired again, and I think they unlocked the door to making this album. When I had some time I sat down and started this album with a fresh outlook, and of course the papers took over. Yes there are some hold over pages and ideas from the practice run Haunted Mini, but also some fresh new pages that I adore. I am guessing you are ready for some pictures since that’s probably why you are here, not to read my ramblings. So on with the show and tell. One more thing, the pictures do not do this album justice, you can’t see the glossy accents and acetate or the movements in pictures.

The album sits in a box to show it off

IMG_20150816_064232IMG_20150816_064608IMG_20150816_064534 The charms are made by Shannon and if you want some I can order sets from her for ANY theme/color combo. They are $7 each set. IMG_20150816_064815IMG_20150804_110654IMG_20150804_110659

The album comes out and looks like thisIMG_20150816_064738 I cut and hand pieced ALL the little bits and ‘construction’ parts. they are raised slightly on chipboard and the windows are under acetate ( to simulate glass). The door knocker is covering a magnet and pulls open to this IMG_20150816_064720. The box is decorated inside and out ( the tombstones here come out as well) IMG_20150816_065101IMG_20150816_065125

from there we go to the lab and get our first taste of this witch’s brew IMG_20150816_065201 IMG_20150816_065246 The cauldron comes out and opens to hold photos and the large bottles are under acetate. The smaller bottles on the page are glossy accented for effect as well. IMG_20150816_065234

The opposite page is open at the top so we can slide in a photo IMG_20150816_065308

Next stop is the library. Be VERY careful you do not get lost in the moving bookcases. This page is very interactive and fun. At first you can seem to get lost flipping pages trying to get to the center page, but once you learn the tricks its pretty fun and easy to get in and out. I learned this from watching Xannero1 on youtube. I adapted it to fit and work here for me but she is 100% responsible for this part.


Phew, I warned you that one was fun. I have magnets under the spider webs to help hold it closed ( I used a bunch of magnets through out the album – most are 3mm some 8mm. very easy to use and hide. Another Xannero1 tip ).

After the library we get a pocket page and then the Silly Bat. The pockets are very roomy, I filled mine with the wonderful ephemera cards Tamra sent but I could easily add a few more tags to hold pictures.IMG_20150816_065957

Silly Bat not only carries more cards ( under a magnet ) her head spins as she tries to hypnotize you ( and give you a place for more pictures ).IMG_20150816_070017IMG_20150816_070036

As you run away from the bats you find yourself in the Hall of Portraits.IMG_20150816_070104

That hallway leads to the room some never return from ( and another pocket page ). IMG_20150816_070144
Watch for flying bats ( the large one is on a magnet and if you let it go close to the page it ‘flies’ back to its perch – to see that you have to watch my youtube video on this album ). The bottom of the pocket page has a spot for journaling and a secret hiding place. The coffin opens for photos. It uses a magnet for closure. Yes, there are a lot of ‘cut’ objects in this album but many can be hand cut ( or if you want to make this album contact me I can tell you more about the ‘cut’ pieces ). IMG_20150816_070226IMG_20150816_070242IMG_20150816_070328IMG_20150816_070307

If you do make it out of that room you may just find yourself in the pumpkin patch. These pumpkins open wide – for photos silly 🙂   IMG_20150816_070346IMG_20150816_070408

From there you can get to another pocket page with another secret hiding spot and the old house. You will never know if it’s haunted or not if you don’t go in. The ghost and tombstones are removable so you could journal on the backs of the tombstones. IMG_20150816_070439IMG_20150816_070453IMG_20150816_070514IMG_20150816_070533

The ghost and tombstones are on an acetate page that flips up to reveal the old house. To enter the house you flip the page down to reveal this. IMG_20150816_070549

As with most of the black mats there are spider web corners and the items all are able to slid photos under, There is a tight pocket on the bottom of the flip down page with a mini booklet made from the cutaparts. The dome is under laminate to give a glassy look to it. IMG_20150816_070555IMG_20150816_070601IMG_20150816_070610IMG_20150816_070620

Tamra’s goodies really play up the fun features on this page. IMG_20150816_070632

Behind the old house is another pocket page and the grave yard. IMG_20150816_070724IMG_20150816_070743

Just when you think this trip is over think again ( evil laugh ). IF you have been paying attention you would know that this is my 6×6 tutorial so somewhere there are 4 almost 6×6 tags hiding. If you go back to the first few photos you will see some gables in the roofing. I see the lights going on now. Yep those are the tags. IMG_20150816_071118 IMG_20150816_071021IMG_20150816_071033IMG_20150816_071039IMG_20150816_071045IMG_20150816_071123IMG_20150816_071131IMG_20150816_071137IMG_20150816_071142

Once again I let Tamra’s goods do the work. Also I left room to slide photos under things, there are spider webs galore. I have so much left over I could add to these tags, make more tags, or make another mini.

A HUGE THANK YOU to so many people. Tamra at https://www.facebook.com/tammyscountrycraftcreations for the G45 products ( I have said it before and will again you wont beat her prices, or service ). She also carries the Heartfelt Creations line, October Afternoon and more. Margeret Sallee for keeping me inspired ( and the cut outs for the potions bottles and tombstone scene ). Shannon for the charms. Xannero1 for the great videos ( if you have never seen hers you are in for a shocker, she has some INCREDIBLE projects and tutorials on youtube ). Deb at goneartsy.zibbet.com/ for the seam binding and letting me be on her DT (my code is DTMiki for 15% off ). I know im forgetting someone . . . OH and YOU of course. Anyone who has read all this way deserves some thanks.
Well I am worn out and ready for a shower and bed under the fan. Catch you later.


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