Sparkling Poinsettia’s


WOW what do we know? 2 posts in the same week :D.

OK it is my fault because I probably SHOULD have posted DLP sooner, but you know how it goes. I could say that RL got in the way but it’s more like laziness and the shear desire to lay about in the sun got in the way.

Anyway if you are still reading it is probably because you want to see the Sparkling Poinsettia 6×6 so lets get started.

This 6×6 mini is based on my 6×6 Fast and Easy Tutorial with a few minor changes. I made the pages to open UP for the 6×6 tags, the flaps cover the front from the spine side, the pockets are half pockets and closed using a paper element ( my choice to close them they could be left open ) and I used the brand new Kathy King hidden hinge plus binding. Then I simply added a flip feature in the back cover. I did use my favorite lace again ( how could I not? It is normally $0.70 an unit but since we can all use my discount of 15% ( use code DTMiki ) it comes out to about $0.60 an unit that’s like getting the seam binding for it free. So I used it twice ( on cover and on the spine ) with red and with green seam binding. I also used a bit of the seam binding on all the tags ( which are part of the collection all you do is cut them out ) Both the light green and the darker green are perfect matches. The papers are Sparkling Poinsettia from Tamra’s Country Craft Creation ( )

So who is ready for some pictures?

IMG_20150802_181911 IMG_20150802_181930 IMG_20150802_181954 IMG_20150802_182006 IMG_20150802_202118 IMG_20150802_202138 IMG_20150802_202151 IMG_20150802_202221 IMG_20150802_202230 IMG_20150802_202242 IMG_20150802_202304 IMG_20150802_202314 IMG_20150802_202332 IMG_20150802_202403 IMG_20150802_202415 IMG_20150802_202440 IMG_20150802_202453 IMG_20150802_202505 IMG_20150802_202531 IMG_20150802_202540

I am sorry about the quality of some of these pictures. Dale says he is getting me a new camera for my birthday ( last week ). I think he wants to get one so he doesn’t have to let me use his phone anymore 😀 In my defense we did have a storm moving in and the wind started blowing the pages around some.
NOW for the good stuff
If you want the papers you can order them from Tamra at
lace and seam binding is here
if you want a complete tutorial message me and we can make that happen, if you want just the 6×6 Fast and Easy tutorial it is here
I shared it as part of our online crop a while back.

As always thanks for stopping by,


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