What a week!


Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks?!
This has definitely been one of THOSE weeks for me. I have about 5 open projects on my table and 0 finished! I have finished all my cards/kits for the #Cards4Love Christmas in July hop, but haven’t mailed them because I need to take some more pictures to post here 🙂
I have Samantha’s baby album ( the Kathy Orta MDM ) pages on spine and mostly matted waiting on time to get back in that frame of mind ( 3 paper pads and how many weeks later I still cant seem to find the oompf to want to work on it). There is the Daddy’s Little Princess album, waiting for inspiration to finish covers inside and out ( what I thought I wanted didn’t want to work with the G45 papers GRRRRRRRRR) other than that I LOVE this album. The Halloween one using more G45 Rare Oddities ( the issues with this one are way to numerous to start mentioning – would be easier to restart except I didn’t get the 12×12 papers ), There is the Blank one I made for a friend and need to mail ( the priority box Clay brought home today is too shallow so we try again tomorrow ).  The papers for the Disney album arrived, base is made and I’m waiting on magnets to arrive.  Worst part is I really don’t have any mojo or oomf this week, lots of storms rolling through and hotter weather maybe? I don’t know but it has to end I have too much to do. More next week.


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