Busy Week!


Well now that its all over I guess I can take a few minutes to jot down what happened.

First I want to shout out to Tamra at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1585111948390881/    In case you didn’t click that link it is one of my favorite hangouts, a Facebook group called Scrapbookers of Country Crafts Creations. Tamra owns the store  Country Craft Creations in Hooper and you can find it here https://www.facebook.com/tammyscountrycraftcreations  Every few weeks she holds a WONDERFUL online crop event. What is that you ask, let me tell you. It is where a bunch of crazy ladies ( open to gents as well but none have taken us up on it yet ) get together online and do what we do best, giggle, craft, show off, compete, teach, learn, make friends and art. Do I sound like an addict? Well I am. I really enjoy these online events. For 1 thing they give me a chance to socialize with other women who love some of the same things I do. It also gives me a chance to win some great prizes ( and we all know where that can lead 😛 ). Usually I am more of a watcher, player and competitor for the goodies. BUT this time I volunteered to help. I made not one but 2 tutorials and my first VIDEO tutorials to go with them. (IF you want to see them, or any of my other handful of videos go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3jLwriQ6hE ).  I am excited to say that at least 1 of them has had over 80 views and 4 new subbies because of this event. That’s not a lot by some standards but to me it is amazing, and worth all the work that went into it. Trust me as much as I love crafting, doing videos and tutorials IS WORK. I actually had to make the same album 5 times to get 1 video that I felt was ok, ( and TBH it has 1 or 2 mistakes – which order I cut the paper – but they don’t matter in actually making it, just not the order I usually do it in ). I also ran out of cardstock, funny right? Any way, once my new G45 papers get to Tamra’s store I will get them and some of her great new cardstock, as well as some more chipboard. As for having 5 copies of the same album that too is not a big deal as this weekend is the More on 34 event in our town. It is a community Sale so to speak. Local stores holding sidewalk sales and community garage sales etc. Since I live on what is basically Main St, and am just 1 block off of 34 I plan on holding a sidewalk garage sale, where I will try to sell all the extra minis I have made. So far I have 15 that are 90% or more complete. Some still need a touch here or there on the cover, or some extra mats but I have a few days to touch them up. Wish me well that they sell, so I can pay for the cardstock etc to make more stuff.

If that wasn’t enough to on my plate, Monday June 15th was my good friend Deb’s 1 year anniversary for her Gone Artsy store (you can find it here https://www.facebook.com/goneartsy  ) . I admit I am not her best customer, but I am a pretty good fan, and supporter. Her DT member Itza ( https://www.youtube.com/user/101ITZA  ) was one of my first follows on youtube. Itza dragged me into the facebook group and convinced me to make a Victorian ladies boot, and a tea cup, for challenges. I actually won one ( it was random draw or forget it lol ), and I was hooked. I blame my FB challenge addiction on her 95% ( the other 5% is just my competitive nature I guess). Well last night Deb and her posse threw one heck of a Party! I feel hung over (and missed going to Curves – ugh) even though I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol. I blame Deb because I was up til 4 am unable to sleep trying to think of what to make with the goodies I had won. I won twice, both are great prizes, almost won 2 more but sigh. Anyway I am so stoked to get some of Deb’s GORGEOUS laces that I couldn’t sleep. You really should check her store out for great bling, laces and some fast and fun altering Kits.

Speaking of challenges, I did find time to try for a couple more, just fast card ones so far. Now lets see if I can upload some pictures of all the things I made this past week.

MY Flip Mini  (tutorial and story about this album is on my youtube and Scrapbookers of CCC FB)  The trims and beaded trim are from Deb.

IMG_20150611_063249  IMG_20150611_063256  11407045_10200451132156469_1659235192118694946_n Another of the flip minis ( I told you I made a bunch lol ) more lace and trims from Deb.

The Folded mini albums ( Tamra’s tutorial and it is available if you join the Scrapbookers of CCC facebook group ). These are literally about 15 min to make, and would make great projects for kids to showcase a day of waterpark, camping, playing etc, I could also see them as table decorations for a party! oh yeah more ideas. The little one was made from 1 12×12 of one sided cardstock and the larger one was made from 4 12×12 pieces of one sided cardstock. Super fast, super easy, any paper will work so these are right up my alley.

folded minisrecipe challenge

Tamra’s Envelope Board mini – Tutorial is available on the FB page. I made 2 of these, as they were easy and fast. First one is a mini mini and I decorated with cut a parts left over from the G45 date organizer I made

. envelope mini 1  envelope mini 1 2

The second one I made using REALLY bright and fun birthday papers, I plan on leaving this one ( and hopefully I get to make more like it soon ) at the cancer center’s children’s dept. on my next visit in Aug. When you are diagnosed with cancer EVERY birthday is a gift, and deserves a party. I am hoping that the parents and kids there get to celebrate many more and if I can help them to document and share 1 it’s a blessing to me. Maybe they aren’t the best minis I have ever made, but they can save some time for a busy parent, so they can share the time with the child instead. Lofty goal, I know, but I can hope right?  10551782_983412785013417_674088045_n 11356070_983412741680088_1664118693_n I want to shout out here to Kathy Orta and Jeanne for the papers. I did mix and match birthday themed items, but I think its smashed up pretty good. I plan on including some alpha stickers and maybe some more birthday ones ( it will depend on how many of my other minis I sell so I can buy stickers etc.). I did modify Tamra’s tutorial so that I had front pockets instead of side ones so all the birthday cards can be stored in it.

A Shaker card

This card went into 2 challenges, the shaker card one on Scrappin Stampers FB June challenge https://www.facebook.com/groups/103832353026882/    and the Scribbles Designs Digital Images challenge here https://www.facebook.com/ScribblesDesignsDigitalImages?fref=ts I used the freebie Firefly and printed out bunch, colored them up a bit ( I actually printed them on yellow cardstock ) cut them out and put them behind vellum. I hand cut the jar out of decorative cardstock did a little more and there you have it. A lightning fast lightnin’ bug card for hubby on father’s day. lightnin bug card

A Blooming card

I made this one for The Stamping Boutique’s challenge – something with a B. I used Tracey’s scarecrow, added him in a box card ( tutorial from Scraps to Beauty by Zandra ) and added more cut out Poppies ( also a digital from TSB – a freebie at that ) and got this IMG_20150606_184607                    TSB can be found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/274396239400465/

PHEW you would think that was enough right? Try again!

I also made these 1453293_10200451133596505_2873099403389343178_n11401247_10200451133156494_286521785526672279_n  This one is a fast and easy ( are you getting a theme here? ) 6×6 mini and the roses one is an 8×8 F&E mini using Prima’s Something Blue. Both albums are my own design.

This is another 8×8 F&E mini only using the Romance Novel papers, and a lot of Deb’s fantastic goodies.



I don’t know about you but I am worn out just typing about the past few days. Maybe it’s a good thing I have taken a day off 😀

If you have made it this far I want to THANK YOU. I hope you visit at least a few of the links I provided and take advantage of the tutorials and other things available to you. If I can do this anyone can.

Catch you later,



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