Flip Book


Well, If you read my last post you would know that I went through my drawer the other day and used a folio I had received and some wonderful Marion Smith Papers. I found I had a Theresa Collins Flip book in there too. IMG_20150524_130109I took it out and had a look. It had a nice cover and some white cardstock “pages” that flip when you pulled the tag. Only it didn’t work. the “pages” were too big to fit through the flip mechanism. I did however really like the cover, and I used the mechanism before for a Christmas card one year. When I took it apart I could see that it wouldn’t be hard to fix. I cut down the white cardstock “Pages”,IMG_20150524_130421 cut a new ‘holder’ and reattached it to the cover.


VOILA!!! Now all I needed was to decorate it.

The “pages” are not large and the left over pieces of Marion Smith Gypsy fell into my lap and a match was made.  I added an acetate flip out page that will sandwich things and a few other things. I really like how easy it was to fix and decorate.


You really should give this one a try, I can see it being fun for kids to decorate! Maybe some stop action pictures in it. Have fun.

Thanks for reading!


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