New Year! same ol me?


Usually at this time of the year everyone is making resolutions that they wont keep past a few weeks. Me? I never really got into that whole thing. This Year I think I will. Why? Because it cant hurt me and Why Not?

So, what will my resolutions be? Well of course there is the ever popular loose weight and live healthier, make more money, and have more fun. I want all of those but there are things I think I will propose that will get me more of those than just saying those.
My 1st resolution will be to get out of the house at least 5 times a week. Be it going to the Curves, the store, the bench across the street I don’t care. Just out of the house!

My 2nd one would be do what I want when I want how I want. I don’t mean that like you think. What I do mean is I’m not eating frozen pizza just because the boys want it. I’m not waiting til 10 pm to make dinner. I’m going to make sauerkraut and sausage if I want it! I think you get the picture.

Number 3 is more abstract. I want to DO more. More craft shows, more trips, more everything especially more for others. I didn’t blog much lately because I have tried to DO more and watch less. Less watching others create and more me creating. I made chocolate dipped marshmallows for Halloween to help raise 32$ for breast cancer. That’s not a lot but not bad for a dozen or so marshmallows. I did a preThanksgiving open house. I sold more marshmallows, some of Gwen Castille’s tea cards (10-24-2014 ) and some hot chocolate mix and raised 57$ for the animal rescue site

Again not a whole lot but I only had 3 days prep time, and it was held in the Curves so not a whole lot of traffic. Then I was asked to do it again in Dec., so I did. I made 2 large albums, 3 minis, a bunch of Christmas tags, 20 more of Gwen’s cards, a banner and some more bits and bobs. I was so tired the first day I missed the whole AM lol. I was there for 5 hours the first evening and about 5 hours the next day and I was cleaned out! 195$. Not shabby at all I think. AND I could have sold more if I had made it. I used this money so Clay and I could get some presents for Dale and John without them knowing and let Clay have the rest.

THIS is what I mean by doing MORE. I want to blog at least once a week, enter at least 1 challenge a week, do 1 swap on FB groups a month and do more than just watch. I want to be Proactive not Reactive. NO more complaining and more fixing.

That brings me back to why I restarted this blog, to make myself accountable. Not to others but to myself. I did get some projects done this week for challenges but Dale isn’t home yet so no pictures til next time.

If anyone but me is actually reading this BEST WISHES for the upcoming year. Make sure you spend time with loved ones and never let them doubt how you feel about them. take the 5 seconds to tell them every chance you can.



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