So as I sit here thinking about turning another year older tomorrow I have to laugh at myself. Not a whole lot has changed in a good way since last year, but some things have. Dale is driving, and Clay is planning on college (finally). Those are very good things. The rest is pretty much status quo, John still cant get his license, I’m undergoing radiation, I am getting around more but still wobble, and our car broke down again today (go figure). Just an FYI I am smiling as I type because each year I think things will get better. Good things going on right now also include our Pups ( now full grown dogs) are wonderful, and the boys are finally looking a little farther ahead in their lives. I haven’t done a lot of crafting this month since I’ve been spending time at my brother’s doing his taxes etc. At least the weather is perfect, hasn’t gotten HOT yet this year. So much for Global Warming in the greater Midwest.
I am going to post some pictures of things I have gotten done this month and try to come back later and add more info to the pictures.

That’s enough for now – I really need a better camera.
Thanks for stopping by


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