So, for the second day in a row I’ve had help from Heaven in making a page.
today I got my new 6×6 Prima Divine paper pad from
LOVE Carol and Barrie. and I was flipping through deciding which sheets I loved and which were IMHO so-so.
when the wind blew over a paper with a picture of my Great Grandmother Margaret Cox (Nonny as we called her).
my boys were really little when they knew her and don’t really remember her much at all. and that’s a shame because she was an incredible woman. she worked at Schwinn Bicycles for I think 50 yrs ( they issued pins for every 5 yrs mile stone and she had a bunch of them and the gold one). she was also an exceptional baker and cook, everyone begged for her recipes. her daughter (Mary Ann) was my mother’s mom. anyway enough genealogy for today. this picture fell onto the open Prima pad while I was reading the Prima July challenge here
I didn’t think I could do this challenge because it has to be 90% Prima, but then I realized I had a new Prima pad.
I used 3 sheets from the Prima Divine 6×6 pad and some spare black card stock some Prima Time Traveler’s stamps and a few from my stash and it was done. I don’t know if Nonny helped or if Krystal was still hanging around but I love the two pages together, and oddly enough both used Prima papers ( considering I cant afford much Prima ).
I hope Nonny and Krystal like this page as much as I do.
thanks for visiting,



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