Santa’s Boot and mini


hi guys,
back in oct I had a close call and a visit to the ER.
when I got out I was officially retired and looking for things to do.
so I went youtube hopping and got back into scrapbooking.
I still have a gazillion pictures I need to get printed and scrapped but that’s another day.
one video I found was Kathy Orta’s stocking and mini

I immediately fell in love with the project and Kathy.
however I thought why a stocking? it lays flat.
why not a boot? stand up right and hold a mini.
I tossed around a few ideas including fur lined, white topped etc.
I finally came up with a man’s styled boot clunky and chunky with a hidden mini.
not a lot of bling as my son Clay pointed out “Santa wouldn’t wear bling”.
papers for the mini are from one of my favorite collections from oriental trading.
the mini holds a ton of pictures and has room for full size tags for more.
the surprise in the mini is the full 12×12 layout I designed. it folds to fit in the mini and opens for a full page.
that’s something I did on my own – one of the what ifs that worked out really nicely.
thanks for visiting


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