Well where to start. . .

I guess ill start with a little about me. I’m too old to tell you my age but not quite old enough to care if you know I’m old. I’ve been crafty all my life, my grandmother always encouraged me to make things. from crochet to baking, from playing with clay to drawing, and needle work to sewing. I wont say I’m the best or most creative out there by any means. I adore crafters like Carol Duvall, Sandi G, Aleene, Laura Dennison, and Kathy Orta just to name a few. there are unbelievable numbers of videos out there to teach anyone just about anything. what I can do well is adjust their ideas and techniques and make them work for me in my own way. I watch tons of videos from all over daily and I then let the ideas and inspiration flow and try to make something uniquely mine. when I do follow someone closely or make something I just saw and had to make I will always try to include links to what I watched so you can go back to the source and get a better view.

Majority of my projects are C.A.S. clean and simple. also a lot are C.A.S.Ed copied and slightly edited (like I said I see something and then make it my way. Although a few are random ideas and I wonder’s, and when those work out ill share them too.

 I’m going to try and post here at least once a week and maybe more if I get a project done in between. ill try to not get personal stuff on here although those who know me know I can go off on tirades over things and that I get distracted pretty easy, so rambling happens.

So wish me luck,



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